Facebook Community Accelerator

This program is open to communities that have a presence in Facebook Groups with leaders who are 18 years of age or older and reside in the following countries: Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, United States, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco & India. Communities must have existed for over one year and must have a minimum size of 1,000 members.

The program will be conducted in Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico & Argentina), German (Germany, Switzerland & Austria) and English for all the other markets.

Participants of the 2020 Community Accelerator are not eligible to apply. Participants in other Facebook programs are welcome to apply as long as they meet the program requirements.

The selection committee will look for communities who would benefit most from the unique programming offered and have the capacity to engage fully in the program. This includes:

Step 1: Fill out our short application on the Community Accelerator website to express interest in participating.

Step 2: If you qualify, we will invite you to fill out a longer written application and submit a video.

Step 3: Finalists will be invited for an interview.

  •  Vibrant Community: An existing community using Facebook Groups that has an engaged member base and has existed for over one year. 
  • Purpose: The community and it’s leadership team has a clear purpose and vision.
  • Capacity: A team that has the capacity to create meaningful initiatives that activate their members.
  • Leadership: The leader(s) of the community have leadership experience, including managing teams, projects and volunteers.
  • Sustainability: The community is interested in having or already has a business model to cover their costs, even if it isn’t recurring revenue.
  • Commitment: A team that is committed to engage fully in each stage of the program. 
  • Real World Impact: The community rallies together to turn impactful ideas into action that benefit its members and larger society.

Click here to apply.