Mentorship programme

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The Afroscientric mentorship programme is a recurrent theme that exists throughout all the stages and divisions of our programmes. Girls in secondary school get direct mentorship by women studying science in University while girls in University get direct mentorship by women already in science who work in academia or in the industry. This method ensures that mentorship occurs at every stage of development and carries on until young women get into industry.This model is designed in such a way that every young woman who has benefited from our mentoring scheme is also given the opportunity to mentor other young women. This method allows for sustainability.

The programme also chooses mentors that have attended top universities/ institutions in the world and those who work in the best science and engineering industries/companies. The reason for this is that we require excellence and want our students to get first class mentoring from the best African minds around the globe.

Our organisation also leverages on technology for our mentorship program. This allows a student who may be on the African continent to still get mentored by a scientist who may be in another part of the world.

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If you would like to me a mentor on this programme and would like to empower a generation of young African women in Science and Engineering, please send an email to