Who we are:

Afroscientric is an organisation that aims to inspire and empower young African women in Science and Engineering in Africa and the Diaspora.


To empower young women in science, encourage them to stay in science and promote their career development within science whilst also creating opportunities to influence economic, ecological and health changes in the country.


Women form the majority of the work force in many African countries and also make up over 50% of Africa’s population. However, the number of women in science and engineering is still very low, that is, below 20%. Furthermore, the ability to retain the few women who embark on training in science disciplines is hindered by discrimination and suppressed motivation. The few African women in science and engineering also face unique challenges that are likely to derail their careers at a much higher rate than their male counterparts. And the result is that all over the continent, there are still very few women scientists and engineers with even fewer in leadership positions to articulate the inclusion of women in the management of science and technology institutions.

The success of African women in science has also been hampered by lack of strong support for science and research by their governments and inadequate awareness on how to access local and international funding agencies. Unless women are encouraged to pursue science-oriented disciplines, Africa will still lag behind other developing regions in areas like education, research and technology as science can solve many economic, ecological and health problems faced by the continent.

For Africa to compete on the global market, it has to have the ability to innovate using science technology and innovation (STI). This will enable the continent transform its human and vast natural resources into value added goods, processes and services.  This can be achieved through education and training to create a critical mass of experts in STI and will provide equal access to both men and women.


To empower African women scientists and engineers to contribute to improved livelihoods, economic growth and sustainable development of Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

To enhance the capacities of African women scientists, engineers and girls through various empowerment programs that include mentoring, training, technology transfer, and knowledge sharing.


  1. To enhance the visibility of African women scientists and engineers
  2. To promote networking and sustainable partnerships with key stakeholders and organisations
  3. To promote female students participation in science, mathematics, and technology at all levels of education. (eg Mentoring programs)
  4. To enhance the capacities of African women scientists and engineers.
  5. To recognize outstanding African Women scientists and engineers
  6. To encourage innovation and problem solving skills
  7. Research and consultancy in education, science and technology
  8. Advocacy

For more information please send an email to info@afroscientric.com