Makerere University Female Scholarship Foundation

Makerere University Female Scholarship Foundation (FSF) was born out of the Female Scholarship Initiative (FSI) established at Makerere University in 2001 with support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. The goal of FSI was to support girls from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to access university education thus contributing to the increased female enrollment at the University.

FSF is owned by Makerere University Council. The University Council is the primary guarantor, appointing a Board of Trustees to manage the operations on its behalf.  a publicly supported company operated for the benefit of the disadvantaged females in Uganda/East Africa studying at Makerere University. FSF funds from a variety of sources, namely, government agencies, development partners, the private sector, and individual donors, philanthropic and educational foundations, and provide a vehicle for other donors to support female education through endowments.

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