19 year old Nigerian Neurobiology Undergrad recognised by President Obama

A 19-year-old girl of Nigerian origin, Saheela Ibraheem, was recognized by the Obamas on February 26, for her amazing academic achievements and for making the ‘World’s 50 smartest teenagers’ list.

Barack and Michelle Obama hosted a special reception at the White House to mark the “Black History Month”. Some members of the US Congress, including Leader Nancy Pelosi, and the members of the Congressional Black Caucus were also present at the evening event.

Saheela Ibraheem is a neurobiology student of Harvard. She got her admission at the age of 15 and is going to graduate this May. 13 top US colleges, including Princeton, MIT, Columbia were willing to see the girl among their students. However, Saheela loved the campus of Harvard most of all, and became one of the youngest students in the university’s history.

Now the US girl of Nigerian origin has made the list of the 50 world’s smartest teenagers.

Nigerian Saheela Ibraheem Gets Commendation From Obama

The Leadership reports that the US President commended the genius student by saying:

“There are a lot of teenagers in the world. Saheela is like one of the 50 smartest ones. That’s pretty smart. And she’s a wonderful young lady. She’s like the State Department and the National Institute of Health all rolled into one. And we are so proud of your accomplishments and all that lies ahead of you. And you reflect our history. Young people like you inspire our future.”

Nigerian Saheela Ibraheem Gets Commendation From Obama

In her comment to Cindy Hsu of CBS 2, Saheela said:

“If you are passionate about what you do, and I am passionate about most of these things, especially with math and science, it will work out well.”

Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the USA and Canada (in February), and in the UK (in October) for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora and the profound contributions they made.

Nigerian Saheela Ibraheem Gets Commendation From Obama

Top-5 things to know about Saheela:

– apart from English she is fluent in Arabic, Spanish and Latin;

– she decided to become a brain scientist at the age of 5;

– the girl plays the trombone, sings in the choir;

– her sports activities include playing softball and football;

– she has a younger brother who dreams of going to Harvard too.