ILO SDG Innovation Challenge

The fight against child labour, forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking includes a wide array of stakeholders including different government institutions, such as Ministries of Labour, Education, Social Development, Statistics Offices, protection and prevention programmes, workers’ and employers’ organizations, civil society organizations, among others. Effective responses to end these human rights violations require a great deal of coordination between all these stakeholders.

Alliance 8.7 welcomes applications from its partners and from any individual or any formally constituted and registered organization/company. By organizations, we mean government agencies, NGOs and civil society organizations, public and private enterprises, regional and sectoral bodies and research organizations, cooperatives, education and training institutions including universities.
The idea to be submitted can be a joint collaborative effort by several stakeholders of those described above: in such cases, a project leader should be identified to coordinate with the ILO as the Secretariat of Alliance 8.7.

Ideas and solutions at any stage of development are welcome. These can be innovations at an early stage or at a more advanced stage.

Solutions can come from any country in the world; they should, however, target pathfinder countries. These can focus on a single country solution or have a regional/subregional approach.

NGOs and civil society organizations, private enterprises, research organizations, cooperatives, education and training institutions including universities participating to the global challenge are eligible and encouraged to include a proposal for innovative financing mechanisms.

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