Sahara Technical Regenerator Program 2021 (Closes June 25)

Sahara Foundation has opened a call for application for suitably qualified secondary school leavers and OND holders in Edo, Lagos and Rivers state to the Sahara Technical Regenerator Program (STERP). This is a strategic partnership between Sahara Foundation, the Energy Training Center (ETC) and the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN).

The program aims to build the expertise of the beneficiaries in two key technical areas:

  1. Meter Installation – participants will develop competences in the installation of single and three phase meters in residential and small commercial premises.
  2. Solar PV Installation – participants will be trained as installers and maintenance technicians for Solar PV installations for residences or small commercial locations.

Training duration is Two (2) weeks. 
Both programs will support the Federal Government’s agenda on youth empowerment and poverty alleviation, Nigeria’s electricity vision 30/30/30 and Meters for All initiatives. While the Meter Installation Technician program will add to the resources necessary to effectively carry out the Federal Government’s mandate to Power Distribution Companies (DisCos) to provide meters for all their consumers, the Solar PV Installation Technician program will train individuals who will be qualified to provide professional services in the installation and maintenance of residential and small commercial solar system installations. Over 80% of the training and slots will focus on meter installation while the balance slots are available for the solar PV installation (for Lagos residents only). 
These training sessions will be conducted by the Energy Training Centre (ETC) a learning academy and innovative provider of training for the energy industry in Africa. The training will be led by a team of professionals and experts deeply familiar with the energy industry. 
Through this program, Sahara Foundation aims to develop a new cadre of technicians and employers of labour who will ultimately ensure a reduction in the unemployment gap in Nigeria while promoting access to clean and reliable energy.

Click here to apply.