Grow with Google opportunities for women

Take the first step on the journey to becoming a digital professional. We’re there to support you through the journey, helping you to upskill on some of the most in-demand tech skills out there!


  • 500 spots available
  • Spaces only available for Nigerian and Kenyan applicants

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Web Development Bootcamp with Unicef and Umuzi

Full time: 9 Months programme with stipend included. 50 Spots available.

This programme has specific requirements from the delivery partners:

Applicants: Women & Displaced youth (not living in their home town)

Countries (from or currently residing in): Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi.

What is web development?

Full stack web developers build, and work with, the websites and applications that consumers engage with (the front-end) along with the servers and databases that speak to those website and applications (the back-end). The line between what can be done on the front-end vs the back-end is getting blurry and employers increasingly value these full-stack skills. 

There are several advantages to being a Full-stack Web Developer:  

  • Understand all the moving parts in a development project
  • Rapidly create a prototype to test an idea
  • Reduce project costs
  • Simplify and streamline team communication
  • Get to grips with all aspects of new and upcoming technologies

On the Umuzi programme, you’ll build real software and solve challenging problems, helping you to learn and practice as you work.

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