Women Techsters Fellowship 2021

Women Techsters will train 5 million African women over the next 10 years through series of activities holding simultaneously across the continent. The activities include Open Days, Masterclasses, Bootcamps, and a Fellowship.

Women Techsters Fellowship is a year-long coding program for young girls and women across Africa. For the next ten years, multiple cohorts will be executed over a 12-month timeline using standardized learning curriculums across five learning tracks. The training is for three months, supported by a six-month internship and enrollment into a mentorship program.

The Women Techsters Initiative is set out to achieve the following:

1. To empower African women to establish start-ups or technology-enabled businesses to build an entrepreneurial mindset in them.

2. To support women to become digitally enabled, social champions, and owners of businesses

3. To bridge the digital divide between men and women in the technology space while contributing to economic growth

4. To ultimately improve the socio-economy of the African continent by providing skills that will elevate women from poverty.

The Fellowship Program is an opportunity for women to upskill and build the capacity needed to access decent work opportunities. The Fellowship will commence on Monday, 8th March 2021 and will run for a year. The first 3 months will be for the technical training, followed by a 2-week soft skill training, and a six-month internship program. The learning paths for this training are: 1. Software Development 2. Product Design (UI/UX) 3. Cybersecurity 4. Product Management 5. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Engineering

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