Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme for HIV Service Delivery (Fully Funded)

 The Mark Wainberg FellowshipProgramme, an initiative of the IAS Educational Fund,  is aimed at contributing to improving the quality of HIV service delivery in resource-limited settings by providing two-year fellowships to clinicians from sub-Saharan Africa, who will spend one year in Europe and one year in Africa at clinical institutions. The program will offer in-depth training for clinicians committed to careers in HIV clinical service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa with the aim of strengthening access to high-quality services for sub-Saharan Africa populations, with a client-centered service delivery approach.

The International AIDS Society (IAS) leads collective action on every front of the global HIV response through its membership base, scientific authority, and convening power.

IAS is the world’s largest association of HIV professionals, with members in more than 170 countries. Working with its members, the IAS advocates and drives urgent action to reduce the impact of HIV. The IAS is also the steward of the world’s most prestigious HIV conferences: the International AIDS Conference, the IAS Conference on HIV Science, and the HIV Research for Prevention Conference.

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By successfully completing the comprehensive fellowship program, the fellows will be trained as specialists in HIV and AIDS. The program will provide:

  • Exposure to different management and care systems
  • Management of HIV and non-communicable diseases in different settings
  • Understanding of trials, cohorts and case studies and published audit reports
  • Guidance on how to apply for a research grant
  • Guidance on writing up research, audit, case reports and how to get published
  • Presentation of original research
  • Knowledge of the global health epidemic, economic impact and major drivers of HIV funding
  • Contact and collaboration with NGO and patient advocacy groups
  • Understanding of novel vaccine and cure research
  • The distinction between key population groups and their needs.
  • An essential outcome of the fellowship program is diploma status in HIV.
  • The fellowship award includes travel to each host institution, tuition fees for each program year, accommodation costs and living expenses.


To be eligible for the Mark Wainberg Fellowship Programme, candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • Terminal research degree as a medical doctor (or equivalent)
  • Minimum of two years’ clinical experience
  • Currently working in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Commitment to become a specialist in HIV
  • English, French or Portuguese speaking.

Eligible Regions: Sub-Saharan Africa

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