Facebook offers $1 million for research proposals (Closes May 20)

Facebook is issuing a call for academic research proposals as part of its pledge to contribute $1 million to research that addresses the economic impact of digital technologies, including new tools that enable commercial opportunities.

As progress in digital technology and the ongoing development of digital platforms continue to reshape the global economy, they have also contributed to the rise of new tools for conducting business in unprecedented ways.

Many of these digital tools have empowered entrepreneurs and small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in particular to engage in commercial opportunities and drive growth where they may not have otherwise had access, for example, through digital payments, online consumer research, and data-driven advertising.

Facebook is interested in supporting broader research efforts on the topic of the economic impact of digital technologies. Proposed research may extend beyond Facebook apps and technologies. Researchers may request between $50K to $100K to support projects that will be completed in approximately one year from award receipt.

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