Apply for the Fellowship For the Future

For this two-year fellowship program, women of color in STEM who also have a strong background and commitment to equity, social justice, and public engagement are the main target audience. Applicants should propose research or outreach projects that align with the mission of 500 Women Scientists and are focused on increasing equity, inclusion, and social justice in STEM. Proposed projects can be: a) an expansion of an applicant’s ongoing/existing work, b) an expansion of existing 500 Women Scientists programs, or c) a creation of a new project/program. For more details on the program, including honoraria and project fund information, click here.

Ensure you check out the application checklist. Your application must be submitted in full at one time, so it is recommended that all required materials be ready before proceeding to the application system. The deadline for receipt of an application, including receipt of letters of support, is October 1, 2019 at 11:59 PM PDT.